The Buchanan School: 529 sqft in Capitol Hill

Interiors designed by Veronica Revilla


When faced with the challenge of designing a very small space with high ceilings, the right scale and proportions were critical to achieve a successful design. Every corner was carefully planned to make the best use of space and create an unobstructed flow.  A custom dining banquette and a carefully curated selection of pieces from contemporary Scandinavian brands came together to create a bright, minimal space that feels larger than 529 sqft. 

Edited 8.jpg


Circular shapes appear in different ways throughout the space as a motif that ties the design together.


Hay lamp close-up.jpg


The texture of the brick walls and oak floors is contrasted with soft fabrics and flat surfaces to create visual interest.


Living room wide angle.jpg


Pieces of furniture in a neutral, cool palette create a monochromatic look that makes the space feel larger.