City Center: From Traditional to Contemporary

Interiors designed by Veronica Revilla


Moving from a big house in the suburbs to a two bedroom condo in the city could be a daunting transition. However, the excitement of leaving a traditional past behind and opening the doors to a contemporary future brought a renewed energy into the lives of my clients. The design approach to this project started with an exploration of different designers and artists arriving to a minimalistic, timeless aesthetic and the beginning of a beautiful art collection with the acquisition of a piece by Willem De Looper.

rooom 7 copy.jpg


The sculptural nature of the furniture creates visual interest from every angle in this open floor plan.


rooom 10.jpg


The juxtaposition of heavy textures and sleek surfaces enhances the tactile experience.




A restrained, soft palette serves as background for blocks of color strategically placed throughout the space.

Photographs by Donovan Gerald. All Rights Reserved.