Take Care Shop: Mindful Design in Washington D.C.

Interiors and furniture designed by Veronica Revilla


Conceived as a self-care sanctuary, Take Care was designed to slow down time and help us focus on the moment. From the grain of the custom maple floors to the undyed, raw cotton ropes used for the shelves, every detail has been chosen with our wellbeing and innate connection to nature in mind. The space has established itself as a serene refuge from the current stressful climate in the city, connecting like-minded women through yoga classes, meditation and various workshops that promote and encourage self-care.



All the furniture designed for the space features clean, simple lines letting the eye travel seamlessly around the space and freeing the mind of the day-to-day distractions.



Natural materials such as wood, cotton and marble ground us, while touches of rose gold throughout the shop awaken the feminine energy inside us.




The soft, luminous color palette creates a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere that encourages us to leave all worries behind and take care of ourselves.

Photographs by Abby Greenawalt. All Rights Reserved.