944 Westminster: Relaxed Sophistication

Creative Brief by Veronica Revilla


Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design principles, this home will be minimal and relaxed yet simultaneously sophisticated. The timeless elegance of Danish craftsmanship will define the spirit of each space. The simplicity of the Japanese aesthetic will guide the use of materials and color, and direct the placement of every object.

The clients’ art collection will play an important role in the design story. The pieces will be displayed to express the clients’ personal connection to them and not only based on their decorative qualities. Accessories will be carefully curated to complement objects collected by the clients during their travels.

The same design principles will be carried to outdoor areas. Minimal architectural grasses will be incorporated to define spaces and enhance the sensorial experience. A bespoke mural by a local artist will be commissioned as an artistic statement that connects the house and its inhabitants to their urban environment. 



Straight lines will be softened by pieces with organic, sculptural silhouettes creating interesting and balanced compositions.




Various textures and materials will be layered to heighten the tactile experience and create an inviting, warm atmosphere. 




White walls will serve as backdrop to a restrained color palette that combined with greenery will result in a clean, restful home.